Sunday Afternoon

I was in nap limbo again—-that rather inconvenient place one reaches after an hour of futile attempts to sleep; so instead of spending my afternoon tossing and turning in bed, I decided to leave the apartment I’m sharing with four friends. It was 4:00 in the afternoon, and the sun was not as cruel as it usually is during summer. It was the perfect time to run.

One of the things I love about UP Diliman is its commitment to the arts. All year round, there are events and activities that help promote music, literature, theatre, movies, and other forms of art. This Sunday, the rondalla ensemble of the Philippine Normal University performed in front of the UP Carillon. There were still preparing when I got there.

Many years ago, I was a member of the rondalla group of our school too. I played the octavina.

Expect to see the following every Sunday: people running around the Academic Oval with their earphones on, listening to some upbeat pop music; people selling food, drinks, trinkets, and everything else you can imagine; mothers, fathers, and children with their picnic baskets and skateboards; and just about everyone else.

I managed to run four rounds of the Acad Oval, and while doing so, I got to see the sun paint the sky in fiery colors of red and orange—-its final grand salvo before it retired for the night.

I then went home with my legs and feet aching.

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